Toolkit #1: Getting Started with Licensing

You’re off to a great start applying for your Provisional license. In the beginning, we focus on relationship-building while providing support and technical assistance. Toolkit participants receive the Licensing Guidebook, including the licensing application and all required documents.

Keep striving for success! Assistance and guidance are available throughout the application process, as needed.

The Toolkit Tools

In Toolkit #1 Getting Started with Licensing, providers receive various items that support the state’s health and safety regulations, including hardwired smoke detectors, a fire extinguisher, outlet covers, and a first aid kit. Also, with Toolkit #1, participants will have access to the Nebraska Early Childhood Exchange that contains valuable resources for creating sound health and safety policies and procedures for programs.

Additional Documents

Find the additional necessary documents for the completion of the Provisional License Application here. All documents are saved within one PDF file and available at the link below.

Download Documents
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